Yahoo Group Norskspråkogkultur

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Yahoo Group Norskspråkogkultur

Postby wrenofthemill » 2015-04-14, 17:38


I just found this site and signed up for this forum.
Det ser flott.

I found this wonderful, free, Yahoo Group when I started to learn Norsk about 10 months ago:
Here's the URL:

A daily digest is emailed. I created a folder and a filter so these emails go directly into the folder. Then whenever I want to I check to see if there is a digest that day (most days there is).
We exchange questions about meanings of words/phrases, idioms, etc., but also talk about culture -- similarities and differences.
We try to write in Norwegian and translate in English, and often someone will help correct grammar.

Glad to be on this forum !

Men vennlig hilseng,

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Re: Yahoo Group Norskspråkogkultur

Postby Raufoss » 2015-09-27, 0:00

Takk for postering denne! :y:

wrenofthemill wrote:Glad to be on this forum !

Men vennlig hilseng,

Dette er veldig sent, men velkommen til det norske språk forumet, Lee! :welcome:
Vær snill og rett feilene mine

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