Østnorsk + Nynorsk

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Østnorsk + Nynorsk

Postby Sorridom » 2008-08-21, 20:19

God dag,

If I chose to learn Nynorsk, would it sound odd or unnatural if I applied an East Norwegian accent to it? (Specifically, I'm taliking about the vowels, retroflexes, etc.; from what I understand, <eg> is supposed to be pronounced /eg/ invariably.)

Also, how common is it for people whose native accent is East Norwegian to use Nynorsk as their personal written standard? Would such a person be regarded as eccentric?

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Re: Østnorsk + Nynorsk

Postby Aleco » 2008-08-23, 9:34

I would say that retroflexed consonants are also commonplace in the west. Not as much as in the east, but somewhat. I might be wrong, so I'll await someone in the west here. The vowels are the same, aren't they?

It's not common at all... I would like to, just in order to improve my Nynorsk, but I'm not that good in it at all. It should be OK for you I guess. Only 'eccentric' among the youth I'd say ;)
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