Polish text into English

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Polish text into English

Postby Strigo » 2005-06-28, 18:05

Słońce już gasło, niebo zdawało się zniżać,
ścieśniać, i coraz bardziej ku ziemi przybliżać.
Aż na przeciw księżyca, gwiazda jedna, druga
błysnęła, już ich tysiąc, już milijon mruga.
Tadeusz zadumany zrobił kroków parę
gdy mu coś drogę zaszło, spojrzał, widzi marę;
Kibić miała wysmukłą, kształtną, pierś powabną,
suknię materyjalną, różową, jedwabną;
od której odbijał się drżący blask miesięczny,
i przystąpiwszy cicho szepnęła:

szukałeś wzroku mego, teraz go unikasz,
szukałeś rozmów ze mną, dziś uszy zamykasz."

I love Polish!!! :D This is a song by Anna Maria Jopek, what does this mean?

Another quetsion, who's that man talking in every single song? xD

See you!!!

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Postby Kiesiu » 2005-06-28, 20:34

This text is a quote from "Pan Tadeusz" the great Polish epic written by Adam Mickiewicz. Because it's really hard to translate (and propably there is somewhere an English translation) and I can't translate it in that way that it would mean the same, I simply won't try :wink: 8)

There is also a movie based on that book. The main and title role played Michał Żebrowski. And his voice you can hear in thiese songs.

So sorry, I can't help you in translete it but I can tell you that the title mean "remember" (noun).
I can also tell you that this text says about evening when Tadeusz met beautiful women and she said to him why he is so ungreatful (niewdzięczny), why he avoid her. So definetely about love... 8)

Do zobaczenia.
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Postby wsz » 2005-06-29, 19:30

As I've had a tiring and stressful day today, I decided to have some fun translating this text :)
Of course, this is poetry, and I'm neither a poet nor a person who knows English well enough to dare to translate anything into it, for real. But I decided that at least, apart from giving you some less vague idea of what is happening in this fragment, it may also be simply funny :D
So, here we go:

The sun was fading already,
the sky seemed descending, growing less, and more and more towards the groud moving.
As in front of the moon one star and another lightened,
a thousand, a million of them are blinking now.
Tadeusz pondering made a few steps
as something stepped into his way, he looked up -- sees a ghost;
the waist slender and shapely did she have, the breast - seductive,
a pink material glossy gown, from which a trembling lunar glitter was glancing off,
having neared, she whispered quietly:
'Oh, you unthankful, been looking for my sight, yet now avoiding it you are...
Unthankful! Been looking for talks with me, still today your ears you shut.'

Corrections highly desired 8)

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