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Posted: 2016-01-20, 19:29
by pusheen183
Hey everybody. Is anyone here using the Duolingo app to learn polish? I thought to use it for some revival but I’m not sure is it any good - I heard that they introduced polish for english speakers. I arleady studied polish in a summer school “Prolog” and I feel like I know a lot, but I really want to practice before going again this year! :partyhat:

Re: Duolingo

Posted: 2016-06-06, 16:59
by GLuca98
I am using this app right now, it's a nice app, but sometimes this asks you useless sentences.

Kind regards

Re: Duolingo

Posted: 2016-09-08, 9:42
by RaP
Hi Pusheen183,
I am using Duolingo since a few years and it's a really good app! If you want to learn the polish language, it will help you with basics. But of course, you have to use this app regularly. If you have problem with it... will help you. In my opinion, regularity is the key to Learning.