Cześć :)

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Cześć :)

Postby MariaVolk » 2015-05-26, 16:39

Hello, guys! I'm new here and know almsot nothing about this site, but... it seems great anyway.
My name is Maria. I'm from Russia, Saint Petersburg. 17 years old. I'm lookin' for Polish penpals because I'm learning the Polish language :3 I've tried to learn it by my own only, but sad to say, I need some kind of help! So far I can only read in Polish and know a couple of basic phrases and verbs. Also it would be awesome just to meet Poles and maybe we could become friends :)

Патрислав Андреевич

Re: Cześć :)

Postby Патрислав Андреевич » 2015-05-26, 17:25

Cześć Maria, sent you a message. ;)

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Re: Cześć :)

Postby Irena4 » 2018-02-23, 8:05

если хочешь еще научиться польского, пиши в приват )

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