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Warsaw Village Band Lyrics

Posted: 2006-06-17, 17:27
by Snelkookpan
I have been listening to Warsaw Village Band lately, and, having a Polish mother, asked her to transscribe the lyrics so I could sing with then... unfortunately the polish is quite... different. There are numerous exlanaitions, for example that Warsaw Village Band learned their music from old country folk, and those people generally don't have any teeth left, so they can't pronounce hissy tones (Matecki [mateʨki] instead of Mateszki [mateʤki] for example). Or the fact that the traditional songs from the old country folk are OLD... some of them date back to the 16th century for example. If anyone here is familiar with their music, I would appreciate it VERY much if they could provide a transcription. If anyone wishes to do so, but is not familiar with the music of Warsaw Village Band, mail me anytime and I will provide you the music.

Thanks In Advance :)

Ian Vermeer

Posted: 2006-06-17, 20:10
by arti

Posted: 2006-06-18, 0:49
by Ulven
Mmm, lovely! I like Warsaw Village Band :D Especially the People's Spring album. I didn't buy it though, because I had to peg back my spending. I've already got dozens of Eastern European traditional cds.

Here's a couple of video-clips, if you'd like to see who they are...

On the flags at the top, click 'other', and at the bottom of the list will be two clips from Poland, by Warsaw Village Band.

Posted: 2006-06-18, 10:36
by Snelkookpan
Ah, thank you a lot for Do Ciebie, Kasiuna ! :D
Thats one song I can sing along :)

But... my hunger for lyrics isn't tamed...

If any of you should run across lyrics or be able to transcribe them of the following songs... you would surpass anything in goodness :

U Mojej Matecki
Zurawie (a video clip here :, click Other, and click the last link. Thanks to Ulven for this)
I Had A Lover
Who Is Getting Married
A Red Apple
I Slayed The Rye

Once more, thanks in advance, and thank you for Do Ciebie Kasiuna :)

Posted: 2006-06-20, 8:48
by arti
"U mojej matecki"
U mojej matecki brząkały szklonecki
a tero nie będą, bo ni ma córecki

Brząkajta szklonecki, jakieście brząkały
Kochajta me chłopcy, jakieśta kochali

Tamoj chłopcy tamoj, gdzie biała posadzka
Tam się chłopcy schodzą, gdzie stoją dziewcacka

Posted: 2006-06-25, 9:28
by arti
"Niołam kochanecka" (I had a lover)
Niołam kochanecka, kochałam go właśnie
A teroz go ni mom, niech go pioron trzaśnie
Hej siać, a nie ząć, kochać, a nie wziąć

Zasiałem, pozonem, płakałem i wzionem x2

Teroz ci jo ni roz przez te drózkę przelozł
Niołem kochaneckę mi mom ci jej teroz
Hej siać, a nie ząć, kochać, a nie wziąć

Zasiałem, pozonem, płakałem i wzionem x2

Niołem kochaneckę z modrymi ockami
A teroz jej ni mom, mój Boże kochany
Niołem kochaneckę nim się ożeniła
Moja kochanecka najładniejszą była

Niołem kochaneckę niedużego rostu
Jak bóg dał (amiczki??), zaciła się z mostu
Hej siać, a nie ząć, kochać, a nie wziąć
Jak bóg dał (amiczki??), zaciła się z mostu
Jak bóg dał (amiczki??), zaciła się z mostu

Posted: 2006-08-05, 11:05
by deva
Hi :wink:

Posted: 2006-08-05, 13:25
by Niña
Heh, I live in Silesia but today less and less people speak like they ;)

Posted: 2007-02-04, 4:22
by Wellington
Anyone knows about the "In the Forest" lyric??...

Posted: 2007-02-04, 13:59
by caballini
Heh, I'm native Pole and even to me it seems quite difficult to understand it :wink: But nowadays hardly anybody uses such language.

Re: Warsaw Village Band Lyrics

Posted: 2012-10-31, 13:47
by areust
Well, I tried to transcribe some lyrics, and this is what I can give you. I'm Polish native speaker, but it is relay difficult text, whit some words that aren't in use anymore. So this is what I can give you, from hearing:

"In the forest"

W boru Halinka pochyliła się
Kasińka z Jasińkiem polubili się
Pojechał Jasio na polowanie
Zostawił Kasieńkę kiej malowanie.
Kasieńka spała gdyby nie spała
Ocka mu otarła, pocałowała.

A ty Kasieńko tyś moja żonka,
napój mi konika, mego kasztanka,
konica pije, nóżkami bije
odsuń się Kasieńko bo cie zabije
a niechże bije, niech mnie zabije
niechże mój Janicek z inną nie żyje.

O mój konicek dobre wolnecek
wyjadł mi psenicke i pasternecek
Nie on ci wyjadł, ja żem wykosił
pamiętaj Kasieńko o com cie prosił
ja cie prosił o pierścioneczek
a tyś mi uwiła z ruty wionecek
a tyś mi uwiła z ruty wionecek

I'm not sure for two words in this lyric, but all rest is good. I can try to translate it, if you want.

Re: Warsaw Village Band Lyrics

Posted: 2016-07-31, 9:52
by coray
I've been looking for these lyrics for a long time, thank you! If you could translate (or summarize, I know the polish in their songs is archaic), that would be amazing.

Re: Warsaw Village Band Lyrics

Posted: 2016-09-25, 18:23
by Milya0
Hi, coray.

You can find more lyrics like that here: ... szawa.html
(Ones with the PL icon are translated into English as well.)

The lyrics of the aforementioned song goes like that (if I understand it correctly):

In a forest, viburnum bowed down.
Kasienka and Jasienko got to like each other.
Jasio went away for a hunt.
He left Kasienka, [beautiful] like a painting.
Kasienka was sleeping, if she weren't sleeping,
she'd wipe his eyes, kiss them.

And you, Kasienka, you're my wife,
water my horse, my chestnut horse.
The horse drinks, strikes with his legs.
Move away, Kasienka, lest he kills you.
Let him strike, let him kill me.
Don't let Janicek live with any other woman.

And my horse is a free spirit.
He ate my wheat and parsnip.
He didn't eat it, I mowed it out.
Remember, Kasinia, what I asked you for.
I asked you for a finger ring.
And you wringed me a rue wreath.