Allocutive Forms

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Allocutive Forms

Postby latjee » 2016-09-08, 16:50

So, I know when talk with 'hi' in the second person, you are supposed to use a seperate set of verb forms, for instance:
Naiz - nauk/naun
Da - dun/duk
Du - din/dik

My question is, how are these forms in the present tense NOR-NORK, with a non-3rd-person object
Nau(t) - (nain/naik, I know those ones, but how would they be with a non-3rd-person subject?(naut, nauk, naugu, nauzu))
Hau(t) - ?

Gaitu(t) - ?
Zaitu(t) - ?

Eskerrik asko

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Re: Allocutive Forms

Postby arabarra » 2016-09-12, 7:10

"naut"? "gaitut"?

Those forms do not exist. Reflexive forms don't work like this in Basque...

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