Speakers in Melbourne, Australia

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Speakers in Melbourne, Australia

Postby greenyfromgisborne » 2015-11-02, 14:51


I am very much a beginner in Euskara (I know a few basic sentences and numbers and things) but I'd love to practice with someone as opposed to trying to learn from internet sources. I have studied Spanish for 5 or 6 years and Catalan for a year in Melbourne, Australia. However none of my Spanish contacts seem to know anyone in Melbourne who speaks Euskara. Are there any Basque speakers in Melbourne who would be at all willing to help me with learning the language? I feel as though I definitely can't trade you with Castilian, perhaps Catalan?? Or German? Or even English? Or if you're willing, I'd be happy to pay to have any Basque speakers here teach me a few things here and there!

Hope to hear from someone who happens to be living in this lovely city in the south of the world!

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Re: Speakers in Melbourne, Australia

Postby PeterMollenburg » 2016-08-23, 1:09

Unfortunately I can't help. Lately I've become curious with this language however. If I ever start learning it I"ll drop by again as I'm only 25 min down the road from you if I've worked out your location correctly- I'm in **us.M**sh. It's my first post here on unilang as I've become curious about Basque and this forum seems to contain some 'leads' to my ponderings. I'm a passionate French learner and have dabbled in Spanish, Dutch and German over the years.

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