Nahiko, aski, batzuk etc.

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Nahiko, aski, batzuk etc.

Postby Kembreg » 2014-09-22, 14:11

Hi all.

Any basque speakers out there?
Could anyone provide the proper basque for the following?

too many houses
enough houses
several houses
many houses
some houses = etxe batzuk
a couple of houses (bikote/pare/biko)
a few houses (zenbat / guki)
all (of )the houses



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Re: Nahiko, aski, batzuk etc.

Postby arabarra » 2014-09-22, 18:15

too many houses

etxe gehiegi

several houses

etxe batzu

many houses

etxe asko

all (of )the houses

etxe guztiak

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