Basque Translation for a family tribute tattoo

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Basque Translation for a family tribute tattoo

Postby Elliegam » 2014-09-02, 15:40

So I have been planning getting a tattoo in honor of my family for quite some time now! I've just been having difficulty with translations...I am 50% Spanish basque so I want the text portion of my tattoo to be in Basque! I'm so horrified of wrongfully translating my tattoo!

Basically, the last couple of years have been pretty tough. As I mentioned, I want to get this tattoo in honor of my family. I just want to get "protect my family" in text above an image of a cherub.

I would GREATLY appreciate some assistance with this! I known that the English to Basque translators online are not always accurate. I understand how complicated the Basque language is and I just really don't want to mess this up! It's very significant to me (-:


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Re: Basque Translation for a family tribute tattoo

Postby arabarra » 2014-09-03, 8:59

"familia babestu" is correct and can't go wrong with that. I'd personally use the expresion "gureak babestu", a more intimate way to refer to own's family or close people (literally "protect our ones")

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