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Postby eltigre » 2013-12-23, 10:40


I try to translate group of phrases. Can you help me if I did something wrong.

me and you-ni eta zu
both of us-gu biok
he and she-hura eta hura (??)
they both-haiek biok
the man-gizona
the woman-emakumea
the child-umea
a family-bat familia
my family-nire familia
My family is here. nire familia hemen dago.
I am here. Ni hemen nago.
You are here. Zu hemen zaude.
He is here and she is here. Hura hemen dago eta hura hemen dago. (??)
We are here. Gu hemen gaude.
You are here. Zu hemen zaude/zaudete.
They are all here. Haiek gustiok hemen daude.

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Re: Euskara-people

Postby arabarra » 2013-12-26, 10:59

he and she-hura eta hura (??)

Well, it's correct, but the real translation will depend on the context.

a family-bat familia

Wrong. The numeral "Bat" goes after the noun.

They are all here. Haiek gustiok hemen daude.

The sense of the sentence is to underline that "all" are here. Thus, this is the part of the sentence that immediately precedes the verb:

Den-denak daude hemen.

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