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Postby Oleksij » 2005-08-08, 20:47

As far as I have heard, Euskara is similar to Ancient Georgian. Is this true?

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Postby Zoroa » 2005-08-09, 8:43


I don't know ancient Georgian, I am sorry. If you know its main features I can tell you if it matches !

Zoroa ;)
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Postby cameron » 2007-11-26, 14:28

gaur hazilaren hogeitaseia
today is of November 20 and 6- the

there don't seem to have been any postings about Basque for two or more years??

Where is eveyone?
Non daude denak?

Non dago Zoroa?

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Postby arabarra » 2007-11-26, 19:39

Kaixo Cameron,

hemen gaude, oraindik bizirik
Here we are, still alive...

well, that is certainly not the most crowded forum in unilang, but there is some activity here and then. I'm always pleased to read new posts, so please go ahead!


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