How to say Snus in esperanto?

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How to say Snus in esperanto?

Postby LaDiDa » 2016-09-06, 4:16

How do you say Snus in esperanto

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Re: How to say Snus in esperanto?

Postby Lemanensis » 2016-11-18, 13:29

I guess it might depend on what you want to put the emphasis on.

I would say "tabak-poŝeto" or "tabak-saketo". This doesn't contain any of the idea of how the snus is used (i.e. placed on the gum). If you want to include everything, it becomes very clumsy but you could say "dentkarna tabak-poŝeto".
Or you could say "dentkarna tabako", which leaves out the form it could take (if, say you're old-school and use the loose snus).

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