Visiting Japan when the passport service is down?

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Visiting Japan when the passport service is down?

Postby captainporridge » 2014-08-08, 19:45

Sorry if this thread doesn't belong in this forum.

I am very likely going to Japan for a few weeks in some time, but the passport service website is down (you can't register for a new account), and I hear they've also stopped making the physical book. So where does one go to find homestays? Should I contact some Japanese Esperanto clubs and ask if any of their members can help? Or do any of you have any contacts I can/should contact? How have you travelled during the time the service has been down?

I would rather, honestly, talk to Japanese people through Esperanto (and my little Japanese) than through English. : P So that's why I'm wondering how to find arrangements through Esperanto stuff. Of course, I don't have to stay with just Japanese people, but that would probably be the most fun for a first-time trip.

Is there another forum somewhere that's risen up to replace the service?? Or maybe I should find a Japanese Esperanto BBS and post there?
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Re: Visiting Japan when the passport service is down?

Postby Swalf » 2014-08-31, 20:36

Saluton captainporridge!
Mi sendis vian peton al ulo el estraro de IEJ (Itala Esperantista Junularo).
Li diris tion, ke ankoraŭ oni ne scias kiam la pasporta servo remalfermiĝos sed, dume la tempo de nedisponeblo, vi povas unue skribi al Japana Esperantista Junularo (Mi ne scias kiom da jaroj vi havas).
Vi trovos retpoŝtadreson ĉe tiu retpaĝo.
Due ĉi tie vi povas registriĝi kaj ekhavi eniron al listo de Japanaj delegintoj, kiuj povos helpi vin.
Mi esperas ke vi povos trovi bonan aranĝadon Japane, ĝis ;)
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