Esperanto translation for a motion picture?

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Esperanto translation for a motion picture?

Postby killacozzy » 2014-08-06, 18:27

Would anyone mind helping me translate some lines from an English script into Esperanto?

When I wrote it, I tried reaching out to some Florida-based Esperanto organizations, but never got a response. So I had to resort to online translators. :hmhihi:

Anyhow, I'm about to dub the dialog in Esperanto (a grand total of about 15 phrases and sentences), and I want to make sure the lines are accurately translated.

Extra points if anyone is willing to assist me with pronunciation. :blush:

Would appreciate any assistance that can be provided!!



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Re: Esperanto translation for a motion picture?

Postby R160K » 2014-08-07, 7:53

You should try posting over at Lernu!; it's a site dedicated to teaching and learning Esperanto, and probably has the most active Esperanto forum in the world. – there's the link to their forum.

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