Scholarship for Esperanto Congress

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Scholarship for Esperanto Congress

Postby Junesun » 2012-10-18, 7:46

If you're poor and have never participated in a large multi-day Esperanto event before, now is your chance. There's a new fund which will support several people to attend the JES in Naumburg / Germany this year, covering fees, meals and accomodation. Deadline for applications is November 10th.

Conditions & application:

If you know someone who might be interested, please spread the word.

There will be Esperanto language courses during the JES, though that is not the purpose of the event. I'm also looking to organize an intensive Esperanto refresher course in Berlin at the beginning of December.

If you're not sure whether you want to attend, read about what to expect,
or a language geek's personal account of his first time at this same event at

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