Mi volas lerni Esperanton

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Mi volas lerni Esperanton

Postby ex-mortis » 2011-10-28, 0:20

Saluton! Mi estas viro ke volas lerni Esperanton kaj al nun (has been) facile sed nun ne havas pli informoj legi kaj mi volas pli. Vi scias kiam estas pli informoj pri Esperanton? Dankon.

P.S. I know my Esperanto sucks. To clarify I used the basic course at lernu.net and I don't really know which one I should check out next. The basic exercises are way too easy and the intermediate ones seem to be difficult. Are there any other Esperanto sites that are perhaps better, or could you direct me to the one that logically follows the basic course? Thanks.

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Re: Mi volas lerni Esperanton

Postby ''' » 2011-10-28, 3:06

"esperante" for speaking and learning. Although lerni esperanton makes more sense than paroli esperanton. I digress.

I used lernu, good site, and I'd recommend sticking with it, even through the easy stuff to make sure you've got all the basics. Most of those you could do in less than an hour, I breezed through the first grade in one go. But later on they have harder things and also exams. Fortunately they put up the required knowlegde for those exams so if you focus on that it might give you more direction. There is also a book I have and love "A complete grammar of esperanto" by Ivy Kellerman ISBN 1-4264-2859-6. Each chapter has a series of grammatical points, which although not covered in as ordered a way as in a grammar guide, can still be easily found in the table fo contents for reference, plus vocab, and translation excercises (there are no answered given but you could ask the forum). The back is also quite a comprehensive dictionary for beginner level so it combines grammar guide, course book, and dictionary in one. I highly recommend it.
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Re: Mi volas lerni Esperanton

Postby Elishamod » 2011-11-04, 7:04

I also recommend "A Complete Grammar of Esperanto".
It is a great book. I used only it to learn Esperanto, and it has brought me to a intermediate level of speaking, and especially writing.
The problem with it is that it is a bit obsolete, so it doesn't cover much of the new thing in our world, like internet.
I recommend learning with "a complete grammar of esperanto" and lernu.net.

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Re: Mi volas lerni Esperanton

Postby marcxjo » 2012-05-28, 21:48


Mi lernis plejparte uzante ĉi tiun kurson en la komenco de mia studado. Ĝi estas simpla, facilega, kaj eĉ amuzeta. Malgraŭ ĝia simpleco vi lernas tre bone la plej nuanca gramatikeroj, kiel participoj, korelativoj, ktp.

I used this site in the earliest months. It's pretty light, but fun, and even then, it does a pretty good job of really helping you master the finer points of the grammar, like participles, the dreaded correlatives, etc.
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