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Postby calaren » 2011-03-19, 21:07

Hello everyone,
I've had quite a few Esperanto books for months, but I'm just now finding time to start learning. I'm making good progress with grammar, but what I am lacking is vocabulary. I have Benson's Comprehensive English-Esperanto dictionary, which is great, but it doesn't help me when I'm reading something in Esperanto and need to look up a word. What is the best, most comprehensive Esperanto-English dictionary out there? I don't want to get something concise and then just end up buying something else later.
Also, does anyone have a good online source for vocabulary? Websites, pdfs, anything?
Thanks so much for any help!

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Re: Dictionaries?

Postby Struthiomimus » 2011-03-22, 1:47

Saluton, calaren!

Are you looking for an online dictionary or a physical one? For online, Lernu.net has one, and then there's Reta Vortaro but I wouldn't really say either one is the most comprehensive, although often one fills out the other's gaps. If you're looking for a physical copy, you can check out this discussion:

http://en.lernu.net/komunikado/forumo/t ... t=8306&p=1

The gist of which is that besides Benson's, Wells' dictionary, Grosjean-Maupin's Plena Vortaro and the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro de Esperanto are other options. I have Wells and like it, and it has entries in both directions.

Also there's Butler's

Bonvenon al Esperantio! ;)
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Re: Dictionaries?

Postby Cosi » 2011-03-24, 10:08

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