What does this mean?

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What does this mean?

Postby huhmzah » 2008-07-15, 0:18

A friend of mine wanted to know what this meant -- I'm not sure but it seemed like esperanto to me, so if it is, could someone tell me what:
"malrapida komence, sed ĝi laŭgrade akceliĝas kaj post iu sojla momento iĝas rapidega" means :)
And in particular she wanted to know what "sojla" meant.

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Postby Almar » 2008-07-15, 1:02


This means "slow at the beginning, but it gradually accelerated and after some ? moment became really fast".

I don't know what sojla means and can't find a translation anywhere.

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Postby pasalupo » 2008-07-16, 6:07

The meaning of 'sojlo' is threshold. I think in the given context you could translate it as 'moment of transition'.
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