Links to news on the internet?

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Links to news on the internet?

Postby Guest » 2005-06-06, 9:16


Is there internet pages with news in Estonian? Like BBC and CNN in English, like VG in Norwegian, like ...

In advance, thanks a lot!

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Postby Loiks » 2005-06-06, 11:53

Maybe portals of our two major daily newspapers would help: (Eesti Päevaleht, meaning: The Estonian Daily) and (Postimees, meaning: The Postman). And maybe also Estonian tv (ETV). You can use the searching engine The word 'news' is 'uudised' try this!

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Postby Mantaz » 2005-06-10, 8:17 on hea :)

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Postby henrik2 » 2005-06-10, 14:50

Mantaz on hea :)

Jajah, niikaua kuni seal kirjutatut tõe pähe ei hakka võtma ;)


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