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Postby kloie » 2017-09-10, 13:21

What does Ma pean korraks ara minema.,and ma armastan vihmas edasi tagasi hupata mean?

There is no other context, just 2 sentences that I found.

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Re: pean

Postby Irusia » 2017-09-10, 14:44

Ma pean korraks ära minema. - I should/have to go away for a while.

Ma armastan vihmas edasi-tagasi hüpata. - I love jumping back and forth in the rain.
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Re: pean

Postby ainurakne » 2017-09-10, 16:33

The verb "pidama" in this context is more like the model verb must:
Ma pean korraks ära minema. = I must go away for a moment
(or I have to go away for a moment)

I should go away... would be Ma peaksin korraks ära minema.

P.S: the verb pidama (when it means must) is one of such verbs that requires the secondary verb to use ma-infinitive: pean minema, pead tulema, peab olema, pidime tegema, etc...


Ma armastan vihmas edasi-tagasi hüpata. = I love to jump forth-back in the rain

P.S: to jump - hence the usage of da-infinitive hüpata.
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