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Tõnu Õnnepalu

Postby SamoSamNina » 2008-11-27, 3:47

Hello :)

I honestly have never looked at Estonian before, save for when I was interested in finnish for a bit and was looking at languages of nearby countries -- then Finnish language frightened me and i switched to bosnian/croatian/serbian :P

in my eastern european fiction class we just read Tõnu Õnnepalu's "Border State" ("Piiririik"), and i am absolutely in LOVE with it. Because I am a language geek ;) I would be interested if anyone found any bit of the text in Estonian and wanted to make a recording, so I could hear how it sounds.

Also, I read that it was translated into 14 languages or so, but I can't find which. Does anyone have any way to help me figure it out? Thank you :D
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