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Postby Levo » 2008-09-07, 21:00

I have just checked Öölaulupidu on the net and I am still under its effect... :shock:
I remember I was shocked when I first heard Isamaa Ilu Hoieldes from the IX. Noorte laulupidu,when I showed to it to people around me they got also interested, but now it was somehow even more gorgeous and effective.
And when after "Eestlane olen ja eestlaseks jään" all the people were shouting "Eesti, Eesti, Eesti" that was just undescribable, and it was only a video for me, what could it be in reality then?
It just make me think of that, from the same amount of money, with the same past behind us, my country could also act like that, but it doesn't :S
You Estonians really do join with together, don't you?
Amazing nation...

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Re: Laulupeod

Postby lexus » 2008-12-28, 23:07

I agree, it was just amazing... unfortuantely I can't understand what were those songs about (I guess something about Estonia ;))
But I think every country can act like that... one after such touching songs, others - after their football team wins bronze medals of Euro-2008 :mrgreen:

P.S. Not sure that I completely understood you, but I hope that I did.
P.P.S. One of the singers who sang Isamaa Ilu Hoieldes was Lenna Kuurmaa - she's from my fav. band Vanilla Ninja 8-)

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