use of "vaid"

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use of "vaid"

Postby Patrick88 » 2007-09-14, 4:40

Ma ei tea, kuidas peaks kasutama sõna "vaid." Mulle esmalt tundus, et on nagu "but," aga ma nüüd tean et see pole õige.....
kas võid seletama mulle seda?


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Postby Loiks » 2007-09-16, 18:33

It is used in cases like: "not ... but ...". Ta pole inimene, vaid loom. 'He is not a human being but an animal.' Sometimes also 'rather than' maybe.

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Re: use of "vaid"

Postby tunguuz » 2008-12-30, 18:07

Sõna vaid on pisut kameeleon. Ta esineb veel ka kontekstis ainult, üksnes, vaid - alone, only.
Vaid klubi liikmetele. For club members only. Similar like in a security clearance class - For nationals only.
vaid sind ma armastan... - It's only you who is my love - teoreetiline rida igas 10-ndas laulutekstis.

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