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Postby Jarbas » 2007-04-19, 23:17

Hello everybody. I am just starting to study Estonian. Any ideas on material to use?

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Postby JoshMcD » 2007-04-20, 21:07


To be honest, this site has a multitude of resources. Also Go through the Speak Estonian Topic. There is a host of info there...


I took this from teh first page of the afore mentioned post.
"So, I'm reposting some links I've already posted at the main forum:
The most extensive resource in English. The grammar explanations are clear and objective. Unfortunately, the Estonian sentences are not translated into English when given as examples of usage, but if you find a native to translate those sentences for you, you can learn a lot from this site.
Not a lot of information, but still worth a visit.
Not very extensive. Tables of declension, verbs, pronunciation. (in German) - A very useful resource if you know German. The explanations are very good and the sentences all get translated into German. If you can read German, this is the best resource to start with. I'm glad I could read it, it was the first time I realized I could read a bit of German for learning another language. (in Estonian) - A huge grammar entirely in Estonian. Perhaps Liisi can understand it .
A very good Estonian-English-Estonian dictionary. Only its search system is not very appropriate, for instance, if you search for üks you get all entries which have üks in between and this makes it rather impossible to search for small words. In these cases I prefer to use another online dictionary in Estonian. (I'll give the link later). ... similarity

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Postby Loiks » 2007-04-21, 17:24

I use this dictionary (both Estonian-English and English-Estonian):

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