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Postby Loiks » 2006-10-04, 16:51

That's right but there are also lots of words that are absolutely different or words that sound similar and mean different things. If the grammar may be simpler in Estonian then pronounciation and the gradation system is certainly more difficult.

What comes to the contacts of Finnic peoples to Turkic peoples, one period could be the old State of Bulgars on Volga river (where now the Chuvash live). There was a waterway from Baltic Sea to Volga. Old coins from Arabia have been found in Estonia from that period.

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Postby Alcadras » 2006-10-04, 18:27

I found this website:



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Postby ltd » 2006-10-08, 15:03

Alcadras wrote:Estonian words are shorter version of Finnish. :lol:

Some suppose Estonian was pretty much like Finnish until the 13th century, when the languages went their own way. Estonian has been highly influenced by Middle-German, later German, Swedish, Russian and Latvian. That's why the language has changed and shortened to what it is now. There are many loanwords from Germanic languages.

Some dialects still resemble Finnish more than the standard language (which is based on the northern dialect). Southwestern dialect of Finnish on the other hand, resembles Estonian more, the languages and peoples were in contact in these areas.

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Postby Metsatöll » 2006-10-24, 11:21

Loiks, as i know, Bolgars used to be in central asia since 2nd century AC, i meant from islamization of Turkic people. During 15th-16th, they have moved around Kazan and during that time, they have mixed with Russian and Mari people.

And they are actually in miscelious places in world, some are in Bulgaria who has been turned into slavic people, some are in Italy's Naples(alceks). And one branch of them are around north-eastern black sea, thought the khazar people who are judaist.

It's possible that Turkic and Finnic people were more closer to each other before the Islam. And today, in Turkey, we don't speak a clear Turkish. Just like estonians have many german words in their language, Turkish has many Arabian and Farsian words. We even actually don't have any Turkish word for "hello" any more.

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