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Postby mssccb84 » 2006-03-13, 1:43

I heard this song on the internet and its a really pretty song. I would love to know what they are saying. Aitäh!

Hingetuna langen su käte vahele
mind teadsid kinni püüda
hingetuna mind viimaks panid tähele
ning keegi seda ei muuda

Hetkel mil kõik tundub nii mõttetu
läinud mu rong kuid kas tuleb uus
jalge all tee näis mulle lõputu
jõudes su juurde sõnad kadunud suult

Möödas on aeg mil kartsin et lähed sa
mind murda ei saa seda kindlalt tean
päike on tõusmas tunnen et naerda taas ma saan
läbi on öö jäänud alles vaid hea

Oo miks tundus mul ei kohtu me vist eal
oo miks tundus mul et siit sind leidma pean

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Re: Hingetuna

Postby Ada H. » 2006-03-13, 10:18

Breathless I'm falling in your arms
You knew to catch me
Breathless I was finally noticed by you
No one can change it now

The moment when everything seems so pointless
My train has left but will another one come
The road under my feet seemed endless to me
When I reached you the words had got lost from my mouth

The time I feared you'd be gone is over
I cannot be broken i know for sure
The sun is rising i feel like I can laugh again
The night is over only the good things remain

Oh why did it seem to me we would never get together
Oh why did it seem like I had to find you here

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