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Postby Pasie » 2015-08-26, 22:36

One of my Greek friends passed this note to someone and I managed to get it. But I have no clue what the heck it means! PLEASE help!

έρρεε ες κόρακας


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Re: Help!

Postby Babelfish » 2015-08-28, 16:21

I managed to find that κόρακας means "raven", but the other words stumped me. Thankfully, Google (not Google Translate) came to the rescue:
It's Ancient Greek so no wonder I didn't understand it (plus one of the -ε- is redundant).
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Re: Help!

Postby dimos » 2015-09-14, 10:15

ἔρρε ἐς κόρακας = go to the ravens (go to hell)

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