Word pairs to look out for

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Word pairs to look out for

Postby md0 » 2013-03-08, 12:09

So, I was listening to the news on the radio earlier, and at one point the newscaster said "[...]εμπλέκεται σε διάφορες διαφορές [...]" ("he is involved in various disputes").
The two words are nearly identical, but do not mean the same:
διάφορες: various (adj fem. pl)
διαφορές: differences, disputes (n fem. pl)

Share yours :)
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Re: Word pairs to look out for

Postby gomen » 2013-08-12, 13:17

A mix-up I noticed on a label today:
it used ιδεώδες (n): ideal (pure and excellent values/morals), instead of:
ιδανικό (adj): ideal, suitable for a certain use.

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