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CoolJugator - Greek verb conjugator

Posted: 2011-09-03, 14:59
by lyzazel
Hello there!

I run a project called CoolJugator which is a verb conjugation service and I have just launched a Modern Greek verb Conjugator at

I have already added over 700 Modern Greek verbs to it and I plan to keep on adding them as we proceed. My initial goal is to hit 1,000 soon.

CoolJugator tries to put all the most common forms of the verb in an easy-to-read and understandable format so that you can take them and use them right away. I have separated the active and the mediopassive verbs too.

There is an autosuggest feature, so you can try that out. Otherwise, use some of the examples on the index page or just type a verb you like and see if CoolJugator can conjugate it.

It's still a beta version and there might still be some mistakes but I hope to fix them as we go. There is a mistake reporting function on the bottom of the page if you encounter any.

I'd like to hear what you guys think!

Re: CoolJugator - Greek verb conjugator

Posted: 2011-09-10, 8:35
by lyzazel
An update: I have improved the autosuggest feature so that now it is easier to find the words you need. Also, I have added new words and I plan to keep on adding them!

Re: CoolJugator - Greek verb conjugator

Posted: 2011-09-10, 14:56
by Babelfish
This is rather nice! I'm also kinda impressed with it already dealing with stress moving around, augments, irregulars etc. The auto-suggest feature is good too, although it could work better (or maybe it just takes longer to refresh than I take to type... :roll: ).

I've submitted a review request on κάνω since some forms had μ instead of ν. Also, there are a few English spelling mistakes such as "gooing"... I don't know for sure about the Greek since I'm just studying. Actually, the thing I really miss is the ability of entering any verb form and identifying it - in particular getting the imperfective from the perfective, so that I could look it up in a dictionary. I suppose, though, the verb forms are mostly generated by automatic rules?... There is a site, Neurolingo, which does that, but it is limited to 10 words per day (or 30 if you register, for free).

Good luck and keep us updated!

Re: CoolJugator - Greek verb conjugator

Posted: 2011-09-11, 10:38
by lyzazel
Babelfish, thanks!

I have indeed received your request, however, έκαμα is a valid past form for κάνω. I chose to put it in that form as well because I find to be helpful in distinguishing between the aorist and the imperfective past tenses (it's έκαμα and έκανα instead of both being the same).

The autosuggest is actually making a lot of requests to the database and with the current resources I have, I can see why it might be slow. Sorry... And I have fixed the English spelling mistake(s) (it also applied to that in the word "go") you mentioned, thanks!

I definitely see the need you mentioned for identifying the verb and I am aware of NeuroLingo (I used it myself a year ago when I was learning Greek actively). I have given a looooooot of thought to this myself. It is, however, a bit hard to implement: the verb forms often follow different rules so that it's hard to trace them back and there are a lot of exceptions thus it would take a massive amount of programming work for me to get this working properly. A bit too much, at the present moment.

I could also just store all of the forms in the database and just run a search function through the database to find the proper form but that would take not only having a lot of words added (we're working on it) but also a lot of additional database work which would make the service slow.

That's why I decided to focus on keeping it as it is and on word growth at present. If it will show signs of taking off, I will definitely be taking a second look at making it able to recognize any word form fully. After all, that would be cool. :)

Re: CoolJugator - Greek verb conjugator

Posted: 2016-12-11, 17:53
by lyzazel
This is just a heads up to everyone that we have updated the Greek CoolJugator significantly this year: - i would be glad to get your feedback!