Translation requests, lyrics etc

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Re: Translation requests, lyrics etc

Postby Sassenach » 2018-02-28, 11:24


Can you help me with the ANCIENT Greek translation of this sentence ? Thanks!

'If he finds where our friends are, I am going to teach his children/kids.'

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Re: Translation requests, lyrics etc

Postby franzele » 2019-05-26, 13:23

Hello everyone.
For a project I'm developing I would need to know what are the greek words that parents say when they are tickling a baby (not the translation of "to tikle").
By example in Norway they say: KILE KILE KILE!; in Japan they say: KOCHO KOCHO!

I would also appreciate a transliteration of the words, and the pronounce if possible.

Hope someone can help me, thanks!

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