Mandarin-English Dictionary

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Mandarin-English Dictionary

Postby Gormur » 2005-09-13, 17:36

Can someone recommend a good Mandarin-English or English-Mandarin (or both) dictionary?

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Postby Saaropean » 2005-09-13, 17:36

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Postby 勺园之鬼 » 2005-09-13, 20:33

Now I realise that even though I read BobMaster0's message on the Japanese forum, I forgot to answer it (sorry) ...

There are quite a few good dictionaries online for Chinese; actually I don't use them much myself as I have a few paper dictionaries (Chinese-French, and especially monolingual Chinese) I bought a few years ago...

Yet I think I can advise a few (Chinese-English, English-Chinese) dictionaries online: (it's bilingual; therefore I don't have to give you hints on how to use it) (just type words in the text box and click on the only button ;))

If you speak Korean, you might try (I recommended it a few times already here, and I saw some other people recommended too after I told them ;)).

Except these, I'm afraid I can't help much... :(

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Postby Rounin » 2005-09-18, 20:33

While it does recommend a program to parse it, I recommend this one for offline usage:

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