Hakka and Cantonese

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Re: Hakka and Cantonese

Postby shingrila » 2005-07-24, 9:53

Daniel wrote:My Chinese friend, who is a native Hakka speaker (her parents are originally from Hong Kong) told me that ever since she started a job at a popular Chinese restaurant in town she was bullied by other Cantonese speaking people because she spoke Hakka. She even tried to learn to speak Cantonese and asked to borrow my Teach Yourself Cantonese book but to no avail because nobody would help her with the pronunciation. :(

Now, I have heard that Cantonese people in general often look down on those who speak Hakka. Is this really true? If so, this is really sad. :?

i've never heard of that, at least i wouldn't

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Postby minus273 » 2005-07-26, 0:57

of course SO
in china people discriminate others by difference in languages even accent
not a problem in the new generation but in 30yo+s it's not uncommon
Oh... forgive my posting monolingually...
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