Need short card for Taiwanese woman whose mom died :(

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Need short card for Taiwanese woman whose mom died :(

Postby nasshi » 2005-06-22, 20:46

One of my fellow co-workers from Taiwan just had her mother pass away. I know some Chinese, but only simplified Characters. I also don't know colloquialisms, so I'm not even going to try to write something for her.

Can someone help me out and translate the following into Chinese w/ traditional characters? Looking for something today or tomorrow if possible. If there is a common thing that is colloquially said upon a family member passing, perhaps that would be better.

Mrs. Cheng,

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time of mourning.

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Postby 勺园之鬼 » 2005-06-23, 16:48

I don't really know, as I have (fortunately) never faced that sort of situation. In a way, that letter seems a bit 'Christian' to me. If her family is Christian, that would do all right (I know there are some Christians in Taiwan), if not, I'm not sure how it will be perceived...

Since your friend works with you, is certainly fluent in English, and the letter is for her, wouldn't English be even better in this special situation?

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