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Need an advice

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You need to buy a stove, but you are wondering about which stove suits you between an induction stove and an electromagnetic stove? Then this article is for you because it will not only give you significant information to help you choose, but it will also help you to find the best products.

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1. The differences between induction stoves and electromagnetic stoves

• Principles


The electromagnetic oven has a coil that produces a magnetic field under a ceramic glass sheet; when the current passes, the loop will create a magnetic field that changes within a few millimeters. The magnetic infection makes the bottom of the pot heat up and cook food, but it does not heat the glass surface between the workings of the induction cooker for up to 90% of the time. With the principle of such operation, both stoves are picky of the pots used, especially if they are of porcelain or glass.

The induction stove has two separate cooking areas: one will operate according to the principle of the magnetic, and the other will act as an electric stove. Therefore, the area works as an electric stove and can be used with every type of pot.

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• Pros

To help protect consumers' health, both use electricity to heat up, so it does not create a stuffy atmosphere, as is the case with a gas stove. The designs are very colorful, tasteful, and luxurious, and there are many choices which are suitable for many kitchens depending on the prices.

• Economical effects

The induction stove is cheaper than the electromagnetic oven, but the electromagnetic oven uses less energy. Every purchase decision is up to your requirements.


2. FAQ about induction stoves

• Does radiation from the kitchen have an impact on health?

The answer is no because until now, no research has shown that radiation of the induction stove affects human health.

• Can food cooked on an induction stove be poisoned?

The answer is no because the electromagnetic radiation from the induction stove is not far from where it came from (from the kitchen surface) – only a few millimeters. That is why it cannot affect food or the people who eat it.

• Is the stove surface easy to crack?

There are many cases where the stove surface is cracked only after using for a short time, but we should note that it only happens with poor quality and unbranded stoves. Most of the high-end ovens from reputable manufacturers and suppliers are made from high-class glass ceramic materials, so they is very durable, heat resistant, and can withstand extremely high force.

3. Conclusion

If you read the top product reviewsImage in an Amazon review, you will see some pieces of advice talking about how using an induction stove is better than using an electromagnetic oven. As we know, although an induction stove uses more energy than the other type (between 10% and 20% more), it is cheaper, more convenient, and more efficient. Consequently, you should consider your needs and choose the best of products for you. I hope that this article will provide enough necessary information for you and help you to find a suitable stove.

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