trending language learning app

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trending language learning app

Postby angellawong963 » 2017-07-06, 10:03

HI guys! I have been looking for app which can assist my learning in Chinese and English especially in pronunciation. Any ideas? million thanks!!

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Re: trending language learning app

Postby vijayjohn » 2017-09-16, 4:01

Maybe Memrise? (I don't really have a reason for recommending it since I've never used it; I've just seen people recommending it for language learning/practice in general).

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Re: trending language learning app

Postby schnaz » 2017-09-19, 3:41

Chinese Skill lets you test your pronunciation
after you complete a series of lessons. I like but I hope the pronunciation. tester is inaccurate because it judges me so harshly. :nope:
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