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Schnaz's 学习小 贴士 xue2xi2 xiao3 tie1shi4

Posted: 2017-02-22, 16:09
by schnaz
I hope this tie3zi 帖 pleases ya.
帖子= tie3 zi = invitation , message, forum post.

帖 = 巾 + 占
巾 = jin1 = kerchief / towel / turban / general purpose cloth / woman's head covering (old)
占 = zhan1 = divine / observe / versify
I remember seeing old movies where a woman would drop a handkerchief as a ploy to get the attention of a man she as attracted to. Moreover in the movie "Tizoc" a dropped handkerchief was an offer of marriage in some Amerindian cultures, so I can make the connection between tie3zi and invitation / message / forum post / invitation card / notice

I wanted to expand my understanding of 帖子.

I used GoogleTranslate to translate I didn't get an invitation and I got :
我没有收到邀请 。Wǒ méiyǒu shōu dào yāoqǐng。

And then I asked GT to tranlate: Did you get my message? And I got: 你收到我的消息了吗. Nǐ shōu dào wǒ de xiāoxīle ma?

And finally I asked GT to translate: Did you see my post? And I got: 你看到我的帖子了吗.
Nǐ kàn dào wǒ de tiězile ma ?

Another usage of tie3zi贴子:
无名帖儿〔無--兒〕wu2ming2tie3r poison pen letter
子另的一种用法 zi ling4 de yi1 zhong3 yong4fa4:
椅子 yi3zi chair

议会〔議會〕yi4hui4 Parliament , Legislative Assembly

Posted: 2017-03-01, 14:03
by schnaz
People in the yi4hui4 议会 have a lot to say.
议 = yi4 = consult, talk over
会 = hui4 = meet, assemble
Together it means parliament or legislative assembly.
An yi4yuan2 议员 would be a member of a legislative assembly.
A. yuan2 员 is a person engaged in a particular field or activity.
Hui4tan2. 会谈〔會談〕are talks or negotiations.
Tan2. 谈〔談〕 Is to speak or to talk

小提琴 xiao3ti2qin2 🎻

Posted: 2017-04-30, 11:07
by schnaz
Did you know that a xiao3ti2qin2 小提琴
is none other than a violin?
小. xiao3. small
提. ti2. to carry (hanging down from the hand)
琴 = qin. zither / musical instrument in general
( note the phoetic element of 琴 which is 今 jin which serves to rremind us of the qin sound.)

小提琴 家 Xiǎotíqínjiā violinist

暴富 bao4fu4 get rich quick

Posted: 2017-05-13, 15:01
by schnaz
I don't have a way to bao4fu4 do you?
暴富. bao4fu4 get rich quick
暴 bao4 sudden / violent
富 fu4 rich / abundant / wealthy

暴雨 bao4yu4 torrential rainstorm
富商 fu4 shang1 rich merchant

Re: schnaz - 学习小贴士

Posted: 2017-05-15, 20:41
by OldBoring

Please do not open a new thread for each reminder or "study aid" as you call them. Instead, it is UniLang's tradition to open personal threads in language forums.

晚会〔-會〕晚会 evening party

Posted: 2017-05-28, 8:58
by schnaz
Okydoky, and by the way the wan3hui4 晚会 is today!
晚 evening
会 party
Bonus Word
晚霞 wan3xia4 sunset glow/ sunset clouds/ afterglow

晚报 wan3bao4 evening newspaper

Posted: 2017-06-18, 3:32
by schnaz
They told all about the row in the wan3bao4
晚 evening
报 newspaper

They told all about the zheng1chao3 争吵 in the wan3bao4 晚报〔-報〕
争 argue/debate
吵 quarrel

Re: schnaz - 学习小贴士

Posted: 2017-06-18, 9:33
by OldBoring
schnaz wrote:They told.all about the row in the wan3bao4 晚抱.(evening paper)

晚报 。
But it's usually a newspaper name, as in every city in China there are newspapers containing 晚报 in the name. So in English probably something like Evening Post?

Re: schnaz - 学习小贴士

Posted: 2017-06-22, 8:41
by schnaz
If you want to specify a particular evening paper, yes the Evening Post would work fine.

Re: schnaz - 学习小贴士

Posted: 2017-06-22, 9:11
by schnaz
They told all about the row in the Bei3jing1 Wa n3Bao4 北京晚报。( Beijing Evening News )

忙. mang2 busy

Posted: 2017-06-22, 22:25
by schnaz
Zhe ge xue2qi1 da4jia1 bi3jiao4 busy.
这个学期大家比较 busy.
This semester everyone is rather mang2 忙.

座位 zuo4wei4 seat

Posted: 2017-06-27, 2:38
by schnaz
Did I hear you say: " Qian2mian4 you3 zuo4wei4. " ? 前面有座位。
There are seats in the front
qian2mian. 前面 in front
前 qian2. front,forward,ahead
面 mian2. side
有 you3. have
zuo4wei4. 座位. seat
座 zuo4. seat
位. wei4 seat

工具 gong1ju4 tool

Posted: 2017-07-02, 1:37
by schnaz
You never returned the gong1ju4 工具 that I lent you!
工具 gong1ju4 tool
gong1 = 工 = work
ji4 = 具 = tool

Well that may be but. you see, ju4 is pronounced "gee".
Gee! 哇 wa
Ok 好 hao3
You never returned the gong1ju4. 工具 that I lent thee.

交通 工具 jiao1tong1gong1ju4 means of transport

Posted: 2017-07-02, 2:52
by schnaz
There are many Jiao1tong1gong1ju4 交通 工具 in a city.
Jiao1tong1gong1ju4 交通 工具 = means of transportation.
交 jiao1 to hand over
通 tong1 to go through
工 gong1 work
具 ju4 tool

To clarify 交 :Jiao1
喜欢社交 xi3huan she4jiao1 be sociable

To. clarify 通 tong1
鼻子不通 bi4zi bu4 tong1 to have a stuffy nose

尾韵 wei3yun4 rhyme

Posted: 2017-07-02, 17:58
by schnaz
If you have a wei3yun4 尾韵
Don’t let it fall into ruin.
Let’s be clear
It’s welcome here.

尾韵 wei3yun4 rhyme
尾 wei3 tail/remainder
韵 yun4 beautiful sound /vowel/rhyme

Another term using 尾
马尾 ma3wei3 pony tail (hairstyle)
Another term using 韵
叠韵 die2yun4 (linguistics) a rhyming compound for example 关联〔關聯〕guan1lian2

海洋 hai3yang2 ocean

Posted: 2017-07-07, 3:25
by schnaz
你认为海洋很远吗. Do you think the ocean is far away? Ni3 ren4wei2 hai3yang2 hen3 yuan3 ma?
Yes Pa.
海 hai3 ocean
洋 yang2 ocean

江西 Jiang1xi1 Jiangxi

Posted: 2017-07-09, 20:28
by schnaz
"Where is Jiangxi 江西 ?"
"Cha2kan4 查看 di4tu2 地图 and you'll see."
查看 = cha2kan4 = inspect
地图 = di4tu2 = map
江西 = Jiang1xi1 = Jiangxi province
江 = river
西 = west
Another word using 查 is 自查 zi4cha2 examine oneself
Another word using 地图 is 地图册 di4tu2 ce4 atlas
Another term using 江西 is 江西省 jiang1xi1sheng3 Jiangxi Province

The map shows that Jiangxi is landlocked with Fujian to the east and to the east of Fujian is Taiwan. Jiangxi is the center of the Gan 贛語/赣语 gan4 family of languages

财富 cai2fu4 wealth

Posted: 2017-07-16, 13:48
by schnaz
The contractor said to remodel the loo would take a ton of cai2fu4 财富

cai2 wealth 财
fu4 rich / abundant 富
cai2fu4 wealth
loo bathroom

Another term using 财 :
财力〔財-〕cai2li4 financial resources
Another term using 富:
富商 fu2shang1 rich business person

几 天前 ji3tian1qian2 a few days ago

Posted: 2017-07-29, 15:33
by schnaz
Yi1sheng1 ji3 tian1 qian2 医生几 天前 operated on my abdomen.

医生 doctor
几天前 a few ays ago

Another use of tbe character (字)(zi4)
生业〔-業 ] sheng1ye4 occupation /business
Another use of the character
前提 qian2ti2 premise/ precondition/ prerequisite

建筑物 jian4zhu4 wu4 building

Posted: 2017-07-29, 18:50
by schnaz
"Father, does this jian4zhu4 wu4 建筑物 belong to you?"
"Guo4qu4过去 It belonged to me."

建筑物 Jian4zhu4wu4 building
过去 guo4qu4 previously

Another use of 过去
过去了 guo4qu4le to die (euphemistic)
Another use of 超高
超高层建筑〔--層-築〕chao2gao2ceng1jian4wu4 skyscraper.