Zhi, zhi, zhi.

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Zhi, zhi, zhi.

Postby schnaz » 2017-02-13, 2:46

The steam train went zhi3, zhi3, zhi3.
The fireman had no more coal so he used ying4zhi3 硬纸
And yes I had to sit in a ying4zuo4 硬坐 which stuck in my craw.
Then another kid got on the train.
He said: “ If you don’t give me your ying4tang2 硬糖 I’ll give you some angst.”
“You will have to buy it, so let me see your ying4bi4 硬币” , I said surreptitiously.”
Then he says: “ Don’t make me ying4lai2 硬来 “ I start to cry, he was ying4yao4 硬要, holy cow ! If he uses ying4lai2 硬来 I might die. :yep:
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