What kind of Chinese would you like to learn?

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Re: What kind of Chinese would you like to learn?

Postby douyacai » 2020-09-07, 3:20

Yaojia wrote:Hello, everybody!
I joined in this forum yesterday. I would like to know what kind of Chinese you'd like to learn!

First, I'd like to know when you started to learn Chinese.
Second, how do you learn Chinese?
Third, what do you learn Chinese for, interest, work or something else?
Fourth, do you like Chinese, or maybe you don't like it since you are forced to learn it?
Fifth, what do you think is the most difficult part to learn Chinese?
Sixth, are you happy with your Chinese studies now, such as the way you learn it, your level, your Chinese teacher, etc...

At last, if you had a choice, what kind of Chinese would you like to learn, basic Chinese, everyday speech, business Chinese...and how do you want to learn it?

Thank you for your time, I'm looking forward to your answers^^I hope we could help each other to learn!

What kind of Chinese you'd like to learn? or I should learn? This is a question people usually ask when they start to learn Chinese language.

It really depends. A short answer, if you want to be able to communicate with the maximum number of Chinese speakers around the world, would be that you should learn Mandarin! Because Mandarin can be understood even in Hong Kong, Macau and Canton (the main regions where the majority of people still speak Cantonese), and more and more Cantonese speakers are learning Mandarin nowadays. If you've been offered a job in Hong Kong, Macau, or Guangzhou, Cantonese will serve you best.

Hope this answer helps.
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Re: What kind of Chinese would you like to learn?

Postby OldBoring » 2020-09-09, 8:06

I would advise to not learn Chinese at all. After all, y'all are stealing job opportunities from me. :silly:

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