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Please contribute your resources / 请贡献学习资源 / 請貢獻學習資源

Posted: 2012-08-27, 20:23
by Satsuma
This thread is for any interesting websites that could be of use to Chinese learners at any level. Feel free to share any Chinese sites you find interesting. Websites that are for native speakers of Chinese are recommended. This thread will be a bit disorderly for a bit, but once there's enough links to be put into manageable categories, things will hopefully be more accessible.

Youku 优酷
Tudou 土豆
You can watch entire Chinese series or movies on these websites.

An okay online dictionary. A bit painful to navigate.

Douban 豆瓣
Site for reviewing books, movies, TV shows, and music. There's also Douban FM for listening to music. (I think) it's mostly independent music, which is good if you ever want to listen to some modern Chinese music, but are tired of pop music. It occasionally plays foreign (i.e. not Chinese) music.

Baidu 百度
Chinese search engine, pretty similar to Google. It also has an online encyclopedia (Baidu Baike 百度百科) that is reminiscent of Chinese Wikipedia.
A note about Chinese Wikipedia, if you want to make it so that it displays only either Simplified or Traditional, instead of its usual messy mixture, hover over what says 不转换 on the top-left, and then select your preferred style. Keep in mind you'll have to do this for every article.

Renren 人人
A Mainland clone of Facebook. Tell your Chinese friends to add you on Renren, and they'll be impressed!
Great forum for learning about all things Chinese.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-08-29, 19:03
by Satsuma
Here's a link to a previous thread with some more links: a site i like

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-09-15, 18:49
by Ser
MDBG Translate
A useful sentence parser (i.e. it divides words and gives you glosses and readings). Beware it sometimes doesn't divide words correctly.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-09-23, 3:19
by null
Edit: Stats Update

互动百科, by far the Largest Chinese Encylopdia in the world, with 6.81 million entries, 7.21 million illustrations and 6.87 billion characters (Sept., 2012):

搜搜百科, the 3rd Largest Chinese Encylopdia:

汉典: the No.1 Chinese - Chinese dictionary online:

海词: a cool Chinese - English dictionary:

有道词典: yet another cool Chinese - English dictionary

必应词典 (Bing Dictonary), a Chinese - English dictionary from Microsoft China:

搜狗词库 (Sogou word bank), by far the largest collection of Chinese words and phrases, altogether 32,958,382 words (well, not all of them are words) in stock:

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-03, 12:06
by null
A Dictionary of English - Chinese - Japanese Technical terms, 603,714 terms in stock:

Zhengzhou University - English - Chinese Dictionary of Technical terms:

750,269 English terms, 744,542 Chinese terms, 805,139 user-defined terms:

An Encylopdia of Embrassments:

Kingsoft Dictionary:

China's Food Wiki, 124,859 entries:

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-17, 7:30
by maxtung

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-21, 21:25
by Ser

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-21, 23:16
by Guillermo
Thank you so much for this. There are barely any resources out there for Cantonese that I know of.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-26, 5:05
by Ser
The companion website for Yip and Matthews' Cantonese Comprehensive Grammar. It basically just has a bunch of example sentences they couldn't fit in the book (having exceeded the page limit the publishers said they would print), with interlinear glosses and recordings. Installing Quicktime® is recommended for running the recordings in-browser.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-10-30, 3:38
by null
Mtime (时光网), China's own IMDB:

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2012-11-19, 12:24
by azhong
For beginners, afol's blog :

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-07-02, 17:17
by Meera
Hey Guys, I'm not sure if this is the right place for it but I was looking at some Chinese videos on youtube and I really liked this one:

She teaches how to read some of the basic Chinese charaecters and it helped me understand the concept of it better so it might be good for a begginer of Chinese.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-07-25, 12:20
by jasonmiller2908
Thank you so much. I have been looking for some good sites. :)

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-07-29, 19:14
by linguistixx
I would like to contribute as well:

It is a dictionary that offers translations for many many different languages, including simplified chinese and also traditional chinese. (in German)

This is a nice little homepage for learners of the Chinese language. it does provide flashcards for the most used 500 chinese characters and it always provides stroke order diagrams for these. However, it is in german, therefore not suited for everyone :=)

Great resources for studying Chinese. Offers plenty of tools, some dictionaries, a pretty good forum, name translations, and so on.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-08-30, 7:09
by russman512
As a native English speaker one of the most difficult things for me was learning the significance of the tones in Mandarin. I came across a website that is a bit unconventional but gave a very good explanation of the meaning and enunciation of the tones.

The website is

It's a bit risque, nothing over the top but I wouldn't recommend looking at it on a work computer lol.

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-09-29, 16:17
by linguistixx
I would recommend the following: (dictionary for Chinese, Japanese and many many more) (one of the most popular Chinese homepages, offering news in Chinese, Games, etc) (language forum for Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Hindi and more) (This is a fun resource for people interested about Chinese tattoos) (for flashcards)

www.yellowbridge (nice dictionary, good for etymological info, stroke order and more) (my favorite chinese-english tons of example sentences, nice layout, also offers you the possibilty to make word lists and use flashcards for free, and and and)

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-10-04, 8:38
by cangying
Baidu tieba is also helpful :)
And if you are interested in animes,you can also check out,or acfun.they are websites like niconico in Japan.There you can learn some Chinese internet slangs.^^

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-11-18, 13:01
by OldBoring
3 useful tools from iCiba (they are located in the same website, you just have to click on the menu to go to the other tools):
Converts between simplified / traditional characters
Converts hanzi to pinyin
Converts the numbers in pinyin to diacritics (e.g. jin1 shan1 -> jīn shān)

Chinese characters etymology:
Dictionary about Taiwan Mandarin published by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan

Re: Useful Links / 有用的链接

Posted: 2013-12-23, 3:53
by hitthesun is helpful with written Chinese, you can get your Chinese corrected quickly, by which you learn from your own mistakes.

What language materials/courses do you use?

Posted: 2014-09-29, 17:54
by Lada
Does anyone know good free materials for learning Mandarin?
What would you recommend for a beginner? And what do you use even if you are not a beginner already?

Thanks in advance!