Questions about Chinese / 关于中文的问题 / 關於中文的問題

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Re: Questions about Chinese / 关于中文的问题 / 關於中文的問題

Postby azhong » 2021-01-19, 1:00

Yasna wrote:So you're saying 只 modifies both 打扮光鲜 and 在门前帘儿下站着? Did I understand you correctly?

Yes, I might have meant that. However, it is palpably not the situation in the text.
How about this one below, trying my best in English:
She JUST 在门前帘儿下站着 in her state of 打扮光鲜.

I think this version goes better.

The wife stayed at home with nothing to do but, after every daily meal, just standing under the shop sign at the door, dolling herself up, and more often than not seducing men with her (pretty) facial features and signaling with her eyes.

And BTW, thank you for your on a daily basis.

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