Organisation of corona tests

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Organisation of corona tests

Postby Hoogstwaarschijnlijk » 2020-08-12, 14:06

I'm a bit frustrated about how the corona tests are organised in the Netherlands so I wonder what it's like in other countries.

Here since today you can use an online website, which is better than how it was, because first you could only call them. And from my experience then they give you the choice between waiting for 3 days to get a corona test in a town nearby, or you have to drive for 30 minutes the next day. We just logged in on the website to see the situation new and it appears to be even worse, now you need to drive 45 minutes, which is basically to the other end of the country. I understand that in some countries distances are a bit different, but there is corona testing point in the city where I live! But apparently it's a busy one, I don't know. And then you have had the test, and you need to be in quarantaine until they call you. They need to do this within 48 hours but I had to wait for more than 70 hours. So between the moment I called and the moment I got the result there were more than 4 days (I choose for the 30 minutes drive). And then they are surprised that so little people get themselves tested... But lots of people don't own a car, lots of people have a job where you get sacked when you don't go to work only because of a vague throat pain... I hope they can organise it better here soon!
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Corrections appreciated.

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