Resurrections in Ethiopia

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Resurrections in Ethiopia

Postby Gormur » 2020-07-10, 0:45

What do you guys think of the resurrections that happen in Ethiopia?

I'm irreligious but I've tried asking my mom about this, who is well versed in religion; especially Christianity. She said that it happens there but had no explanation on why when I asked her why it seems like it only happens in Ethiopia

I don't dispute the footage. I've seen some footage on youtube, particularly of a guy dead for 3 days and he describes going to another dimension. It sounds like a heavenly place where he recognizes several people by name

Anyhow it's quite interesting but I couldn't retrieve the video. Maybe someone can find it and put it here, but anyway that was interesting even for me as a heathen. I think being clinically dead that long might make it technically impossible to be reanimated but it showed that he came to

I don't know how these people work. Maybe magic

Any information is greatly appreciated. Apparently these are Christians, but I was brought up Christian and I still don't know what it means

- Gormur
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