US-Turkey relations

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US-Turkey relations

Postby Multiturquoise » 2018-08-29, 17:47

Maybe most of you know that the US pastor Andrew Brunson is under house arrest in Turkey, and he's currently banned from leaving the country. Trump asked the Turkish government to free him and also lift his ban from leaving the country, but Erdogan didn't free him and then Trump threatened to impose sanctions against Turkey and then some people burned dollars, broke iPhones in response to the US... I'm neuter on this issue, but it's not right to burn any country's flag or currency or to damage others' and even their own property. I would like to have your opinion about this issue.

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Re: US-Turkey relations

Postby md0 » 2018-08-30, 10:49

I haven't followed the preacher story, I don't have any clue what's about, but the effects the whole thing had on the Turkish Lira is destroying northern Cyprus. The financial crisis here is several orders of magnitude worse than in Turkey. The T/Cypriot administration is on the brink of bankruptcy and unable to pay for essential services.

Good to see that the Turkish government is trying to de-escalate this, by warming up to the EU again (judicial reforms, releasing some European political prisoners). But for northern Cyprus, abandoning the TL is necessary even if the exchange rate reverts to normal.
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