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Brexit in your countries

Posted: 2016-02-21, 9:48
by france-eesti
Hi there !
I thought it would be interesting to discuss Brexit as we are all from different countries...
And also to see how media describe it... :D actually I think there can be lots of opinions upon the matter :whistle:

So who's starting ? 8-)

Re: Brexit in your countries

Posted: 2016-02-26, 16:00
by linguoboy
It's not going to happen. Cameron made a rash promise to appease the Eurosceptics in his party and he's been backpedaling from it ever since the election. It would be financially disastrous for Britain and anyone with sense can see that. So now everyone's just looking for a face-saving solution that will prevent a negative referendum result.

Re: Brexit in your countries

Posted: 2016-03-22, 18:03
by Saim
I think the UK leaving the EU would be good for the rest of Europe, although possibly bad for the UK. I feel like the UK constantly negotiating exemptions and special treatment undermines European democracy.

I get the Euroskeptics point of view because as far as I can tell there's no debate whether the EU has huge structural problems -- the question is whether it's reformable or not. I'm still hoping for a more transparent, democratic EU, and I think that the UK leaving may actually help towards that.

I'm not convinced that the UK leaving the EU would have such huge economic effects. Wouldn't the UK just end up in the European Free Trade Association just like Switzerland and Norway? That said, it would likely be bad for the UK because it would have no say in economic policy that still directly affects it, but I don't think it would be disastrous.