LGBTQA+ issues

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Re: LGBTQA+ issues

Postby Gormur » 2020-11-25, 23:32

vijayjohn wrote:Yasna, you do realize that one of the most influential figures in the history of computer science lost his life because of how society treated him for being gay, right? Don't you think he could have accomplished even more if they hadn't done that to him? ... -heres-why
Gormur wrote:I doubt there was porn before TV came about.

Well, there was. In the Marquesas Islands, for example, children masturbating in full view of the public was fairly common at least until about a hundred years ago.
I probably shouldn't respond to this but I will. I guess it was males, which means it isn't porn. There you go :hmm:
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Re: LGBTQA+ issues

Postby vijayjohn » 2020-11-25, 23:33

The fuck does that mean?

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