Perils of Perception

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Re: Perils of Perception

Postby Car » 2014-12-15, 9:25

Itikar wrote:
IpseDixit wrote:Some articles say it's 17%, but anyways that wasn't my point, I was just a bit baffled by "the government is lying" part, not that I like this gov't (quite the contrary) and not that I think they wouldn't be able to lie, but in this case, as I said, it's just a matter of definition of unemployment (a definition which was not decided by any Italian gov'ts and which is actually adopted worldwide).
In my search the only articles giving figures lower than 20% had been published in 2012.

I am not an expert on these things, and I certainly can be wrong, but what I have read so far and, more importantly, comparison with the figures of other European countries, makes me quite diffident about that figure, as well as several others.

You also have those same discussions elsewhere. In Germany, we definitely have people that are unemployed, but do not appear in the statistics due to the definitions (and people who claim that the "real unemployment rate" is much higher include even much more people in there). Several years ago, I saw some stats showing the unemployment rate in different EU countries by national calculations and by European calculations and in Austria, there was a big difference between the two (with the former being way below the latter) and Austrians, too, have been saying for many, many years by now that their real unemployment rate is much higher and it isn't as low as people abroad think it is.

The calculation has been standardised and while it's flawed, it's probably still the best we have. Governments are interested in making it appear low while many organisations or people have an interest in making it appear high. The truth probably is somewhere in between, but since we can't be sure what it really is, those discussions about the "real unemployment rate" ultimately don't lead to any numbers that would be better.
Please correct my mistakes!

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Re: Perils of Perception

Postby Saim » 2015-01-09, 22:38

8/9 for Australia.
5/9 for Spain.
7/9 for Poland.

How did so many people in Poland guess that there were like 10% Muslims? O.o

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