Riots in Kiev

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Re: Riots in Kiev

Postby TheStrayCat » 2015-04-26, 19:35

Ludwig Whitby wrote:Alright so the Azov Battalion denies that they shot the movie, but the Nazis from Misanthropic Division Ukraine claim that that it's a fake video they made to 'troll' the Russian media: ... 37618358ae

Although they've yet to provide any proof such as the 'behind the scenes' shots or something similar. They just said that they've shot the video.

If they did, what does this change? They are a margin Nazi group, having no support among any part of Ukrainians, much less the government or any actual fighting batallions. They might as well have published that message to obtain reactions from people.

If they didn't, again, so far there's no evidence about the origin of the video or an actual war crime.

Ludwig Whitby
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Re: Riots in Kiev

Postby Ludwig Whitby » 2015-05-11, 13:54

Just as suspected, the war has spread to the Balkans.

The South Stream was halted after months of political pressure on Bulgaria, but the Russians had another idea, the Turkish Stream which would bypass Bulgaria and go through Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Hungary.

Turkey is strong enough to do what it wants, Greece and Hungary have government that have already shown disobedience and would support the new pipeline. Serbia and Macedonia aren't EU members and have both sent presidents to the Moscow Victory Parade despite the European pressures not to do that which is a clear signal to the Russians. The Turkish stream might even work? Naturally, our Western friends had to find a way to disrupt it! ... index.html

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