Live your democratic myth in Greece

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Re: Live your democratic myth in Greece

Postby IpseDixit » 2013-11-20, 23:07

Oh c'mon, there's no need to write such long posts. It's a known fact that there's few democracy left in Greece. And of course you have a junta. It's called troika. If you don't do what troika wants, you don't get the money, I find it quite a dictatorial thing. Plus, how to forget when the EU got choleric when Greece announced a referendum about austerity measures, and indeed it was eventually cancelled.

Yes, you can still choose your politicians, but all of them will do the same thing: impose austerity because they have no choice. Unless you find someone brave enough to get Greece out of the eurozone.

Ludwig Whitby
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Re: Live your democratic myth in Greece

Postby Ludwig Whitby » 2013-11-20, 23:14

Junta is usually a military dictatorship. An economic dictatorship is a different thing.

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