Cypriot presidential election, 2013

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Re: Cypriot presidential election, 2013

Postby md0 » 2013-04-01, 14:40

For Cyprus, that's huge. Not that Twitter is not already full of homophobic remarks about the whole thing, but this is the closest thing we have to a known gay person holding public office.

Oh god, why I was even hopeful?
After the Eurogroup session on the 19th of March, that minister's competence is judged on the basis of his perceived sexual orientation. "Another fag in Eurogroup", a prominent businessman called him. The head of the Church is blackmailing the state with a lawsuit, that they say they will drop if the state grants them some wishes, among them, replacing said minister.

And then I see a bit of local TV and a prominent TV journalist simply outs a transwoman just-like-that, refers to her as a transvestite man, and though she was thinking that she was privately talking with said journalist about her life being in danger by the people they are after her and how she is about to lose her housing, that journalist publishes her name, address, photo. And she acts all high and mighty. She considers herself a protector of LGBTs in Cyprus actually. She hosted similar shows in the past were she exploited trans* people, but now she didn't even feel the need to protect their identity.

What am I even.....
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